Little Things… be grateful

Today, the boys do not have school. They get the day off because it’s parent teacher conference time. This morning we went to my youngest conference and then we stopped to pick up groceries on the way home. Most people grocery shop with a list and walking into the store and down all the required aisles. I do not. I have a service dog that some people still don’t realize that touching without asking is not okay. So instead of using my allotted spoons (energy for those of you without a chronic illness) for buying groceries I order them online and have the nice people at my local store load them up for me.

This online shopping is becoming increasing popular for the general public. Honestly, it helps me in many ways, I don’t have to worry about forgetting something, I start my list online several days before hand and then ask each family member if they need anything in particular. This gives everyone the chance to give me information and I do not have to worry about multiple trips. I don’t use my little energy walking into the store and gathering all the items while also answering people’s questions about my service dog and also advising them that “no, please do not touch him, he’s working”, then loading the car, unloading the car and putting everything away. I know it doesn’t sound exhausting to the “normal” person, but let me tell you, my brain is fried after and my body is more fatigued and requires rest for at least 2 hours before really trying to do anything else.

Today, my loving boys helped me more than then probably realized. We got the online order packed into my car and went home. Once we go there, the boys unloaded almost the entire car for me. They came in like a well oiled machine, one, then the other, over and over, handing me bags of groceries that I just put away. I thanked them for helping me SO MUCH, I think they thought I was just being polite. But honestly, now, because they helped me bring all of the groceries in I may be able to do a load of laundry today or something else.

A very long time ago I used to work in retail. I know it is a hard job, I appreciate the people who do it because it’s not something I could do again. When I thanked the man helping me with my order he kept apologizing for not being able to complete part of my order. I don’t mind, I told him, they saved me time and stress I am just delighted I didn’t have to do it. He told me I would be surprised by how upset some people get because they don’t get a specific brand of carrots. You know what though, the people who are going to be pissy about having the luxury of someone else going around and doing their shopping so they don’t have to should rethink their life goals. If a specific brand is that important to you and it’s going to ruin your day, take you working legs into the store and shop yourself. It’s not their fault your specific, no substitution product was not available.

It’s November, be grateful for what you can, some days are going to be harder than others, but some lives are harder than others.

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