How D.B. Woodside & Buffy are Related to My MS

D.B. Woodside played the principal on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my favorite TV series (Doctor Who being second). Not only do I own all the seasons of Buffy and Angel, but my BFF and I used to have marathons with pizza when we still lived in the same state. When my husband and I were dating we watched the entire series. Because honestly, if you don’t like Buffy I am not sure we have that much in common. :p

I recently started watching Lucifer, in which D.B. Woodside also acts in, however, I could not place him. It was driving me nuts, and instead of making the most logical step of just IMDB(ing) him and putting it together I actually pulled up IMDB and showed my husband the picture and said, “what was he in?”. To which, my lovely husband replied, “he’s the principal from Buffy” and starts chuckling.

Bah! I should have known that, and then he informed me how funny the progression has been. He told me that for years whenever I saw him I would say “It’s the principal from Buffy!”, then it was “is that the principal from Buffy?” to which he apparently frequently told me no. And NOW, I watched 2 seasons of a show with him and was like “who is this”.

My response to this was of course, now you have something concrete to measure how much my brain is impacted because I keep telling you I am losing memories. I guess my beloved principal from Buffy was the next victim of this disease in my brain.

For me my cognitive decline is the symptom I hate the most, I can nap and sit places for fatigue and balance/walking issues but there is nothing I can do to replace the memories I feel that I am losing at a rapid pace. Forgetting an actor doesn’t seem like that it would be that big of a deal, but as you can see by the photo of Buffy Villains from Comic-con 2017 I am a HUGE fan.

What’s the thing you hate the most about your chronic illness?

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