My MS and Social Consequences

Everyone’s MS shows up differently. For me, either my brain is working ok or my body is working ok but they don’t typically both work at the same time.

Yesterday I had physical therapy but I knew I was going to a co-worker’s going away party last night. I planned for it, did my PT and had about 6 hours to rest before going to this social event.

What I failed to remember was that I’ve been out on disability for nearly 6 months. With the exception to 2 short visits to the office since March I haven’t been around. People noticed, people had questions and wanted to catch up. It was great, thoughtful and made me feel a tad bit better because I just assume no one actually gives a shit if I’m there or not.

I had one drink to take the edge off the pain so I could have a conversation. I had many conversations though, and using my brain to follow so many conversations has a price to pay the next day.

While the night of catching up lasted less than 2 hours I woke up barely able to move. Muscle and joint pain ripped through my body as I tried to put on a bra and top, numbness in the whole of my legs made putting my jeans on a touch harder than just the typical balance issues.

Today, I will pay for all those conversations. Today, I will rest most of the day before my youngest son’s eye appointment. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back to my standard baseline or I will rest more.