Sleepovers and Nightly Routines

I have learned the hard way that I need to start asking my youngest son’s friends parents about their nightly routines prior to sleepovers.

It is not something I was ever concerned about, they all change into pjs, brush teeth, use the bathroom, but then what? Do they listen to music at night, what time do they typically go to bed? Do they need warm milk or snuggles with their favorite stuffed animal?

My second grader likes to watch a show on his tablet with a lamp on before bed. He falls asleep this way, yes I know it’s not the healthiest habit but having a chronic illness that leaves you exhausted means bypassing fights you don’t want to have. If he doesn’t fall asleep within an hour I go into his room and turn on music.

Obviously most kids likely do not have a show to watch with their lamp on. They need a dark room, with or without a nightlight, etc. The weird thing is that my kid can sleep at other people’s homes whichever way they go to sleep!

As a mom, it’s not something I ever even thought to ask about, kids will sleep. and it takes some adjusting if you forget to ask but eventually they will get there.

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