The Day After,When You Don’t Foresee The Next Day

Yesterday, my mother and I took my boys to the local zoo. I got a rented scooter because I knew I couldn’t walk it and if I used my AFOs (braces used for my leg issues related to MS) my body would be a mess today using muscles my brain doesn’t engage on it’s own.

As the day went on though my words started getting jumbled and my thoughts became hazy. Apparently, for me, driving a scooter without running over people and answering questions still does not save enough of my brain power to function for a full day.

The end of the evening last night, my hips and back hurt to the point of making it difficult to sleep. This morning my entire body feels like I worked out for 3 hours yesterday. Every muscle is achy and my bones hurt. I move slower and think slower. It’s as though I am walking in neck deep mud and my brain is running out of RAM.

How does one adjust to these things when you think you are doing everything correctly to reserve your body and brain from over use. MS is a pain in my butt and it seems to keep changing the rules of the game little by little. All that being said, I knew there was a possibility of this and that is why I ensured I wouldn’t have to do anything today but rest.

How does your MS mystify you? Does yours keep changing the rules or does it always present the same way?

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