I Took December Off Keto

With all the holiday parties, med changes and stress that was happening between November and January I stopped doing Keto for December.

I’m still learning healthy coping skills for when life throws me a curve ball or I can’t take anymore stress. For December I went back to comfort food.

I can say for sure though now that Keto made a difference in how I felt and it wasn’t related to the lost pounds and inches.

While I hadn’t seen a difference in any of my MS or Ménière’s symptoms I did notice a heavier and bloated feeling with all the carbs.

Not only did I gain back 9 of the nearly 20 pounds I lost but I was very uncomfortable and just felt off.

Back on Keto, with no extended breaks this time. I will still allow for treat days but I don’t feel so off anymore.

Once you get used to it, some of the keto ice creams aren’t that bad. Once you pretty much remove the drastic amounts of carbs and sugar from your daily diet it’s a nice way of still having ice cream that you don’t have to make yourself.

I did make myself some orange chocolate coconut almond clusters as “fat bombs” and they were surprisingly easy to make and tasted good.

I learned that while I didn’t notice a difference in the way I felt when I first started it that it actually did make me feel a little better. Here’s to hoping that long term it will make a difference with my MS and/or Ménière’s.