A Disappointing Neuro Check

Last month I went for my six month check up at my neurologist. Having started Ocrevus in August and having an allergic reaction to both the infusions, I was eager to discuss options.

The reason I had to change to Ocrevus was insurance, and I now have a different insurance so I was kind of hoping to go back to my old medication. That’s not what happened.

In fact, I interacted with three medical professionals at this appointment and each was more disappointing than the last. First, the nurse, she acted as though she never met me before though she was my nurse the last time and I understand they get a lot of patients but I’m guessing not many with service dogs.

Second up, the doctor’s new physician assistant or whatever the doctors who are training under the neurologist are called. She didn’t even have the decency to briefly look at my file before she walked in. “This is for first appointment with” enter doctor name here. Uh, nope, I’ve been coming here and seeing him since 2016. At this point I just wanted to bang my head on the wall because I didn’t feel like I was being listened to.

After discussing all the issues I currently have and my negative side effects of my meds she ran through the basic neuro tests.

Third, the neurologist finally comes in and before a greeting or fully sitting down I was told that they’ve ran studies with patients switching from my old med to the new and not one of them had any reactions like I’m stating. Quickly followed by, obviously you’re having them but no one else did.

Awesome, so I feel like shit, I have no faith in the ability of your new student and now there are implications that I’m either lying or crazy? Check the nurses information on the meds they had to give me and when they had to stop the infusion to do so.

He did not check anything with me, only stated we will keep the same medication and if I have another reaction he might change the medication back. Then he was gone.

So that appointment was disappointing and disheartening. I had thought I finally had an amazing group of doctors in my life and now I feel as though I may have to change a very important doctor again for not listening to me.

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