Basal Cell Carcinoma, the cancer that’s not “cancer”?!

My dermatology results came back as Basal Cell Carcinoma (bcc is what they said). Let me say that I feel like all skin cancer is still cancer.

True that bcc is not as severe and life threatening as the cancers you typically think of but if let go untreated it can spread, very slowly but still it can spread.

I had a mammogram not long after starting the chemotherapy cream they put me on to treat it and it happens to be on my chest. I mentioned it to the technician just so she could be mindful and she told me “that’s not real cancer”. WTF?

I get that this woman probably sees breast cancers most days and that while not staged, basal cell carcinoma is literally on your largest organ and has “carcinoma “ in the name.

Yes 8 out of 10 cases of skin cancer that are not melanoma are bcc, it’s common. It happens by damage to the dna caused my UV rays. While I’m not doing radiation treatment, I am using chemotherapy for 6 weeks and if the next biopsy doesn’t have clean margins then MOHs will take layer by layer of my skin until the margins are clear.

Wear sunscreen, try to take care of your body and don’t discount other people’s life with your possibly offensive comments. This one thing may seem trivial to you but to that person it could be yet another boulder of burden placed on the already heavy load they carry on their back.