Clumsy MSer

One week ago today I tripped and fell onto the hard wood frame of a dog bed that was gifted to us for my service dog.

The dog in the photo is our Great Dane mix and not my awesome sauce service dog because all three of our dogs love this giant bed.

Being the smart (😐) person I am, I thought I could easily maneuver this bed right next to my side of the bed. In reality I ended up having to walk on it to go anywhere which is how I injured myself.

The bottom is not solid, it has planks with spaces. So walking on this thing to try and get to the bathroom and I tripped and fell super hard hitting my shin right onto the edge of the frame.

It developed a bump, immediate bruises and it hurt to bear weight. So I went to the ER to make sure I didn’t break a bone.

Turns out your tibia is very strong. The paramedic told me it takes 85 pounds of pressure per square inch to break this particular bone.

Did the x-rays, some ice and I was sent home with a not broken but super bruised bone.

This was not my first fall and will not be my last. Oddly, since September I have been tripping and falling more frequently. I assume this is because my vertigo has been more severe lately.

While Oak typically keeps me from falling it’s less likely in the house because I don’t have him next to me all the time. A couple of times when I did have him and fell it was sideways which isn’t a normal way for me to fall.

I have been using his balance harness more lately but he seems very confused by the decreased freedom of movement. So it may take us a bit to get used to this new way but hopefully it reduces my accidents.

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