Multiple Sclerosis and my Bladder

If you told me when I was 30 that I would have this many specialists or need to see a urologist every year I wouldn’t believe it.

The typical bladder issue with MS is incontinence and urgency. My issue is the opposite, when I need to go my bladder doesn’t want to participate.

I’ve been taking medication for the issue for several years now and it’s mostly helpful. The problem is, when you have nerve issues that can numb areas you don’t always know if you’re completely done or have a UTI.

My biggest fear with the annual check of my bladder is if this is the year I have to start using catheters. Thankfully, this is not the year.

Living with MS makes you have to think about parts of your life and body that wouldn’t even be a consideration for “normal” people and most definitely not for those of younger adults.