Dishes are the Bane of my Existence

Let’s go back to normal every day BS shall we? With 4 people in the house 24/7 there are an insane amount of daily dishes. Like super, incredibly aggravating amount of dishes.

If they’re not done daily we have no bowls or spoons. I HATE doing the dishes. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if at least two of the people making dishes refuse to rinse off the stupid things. Dried on oatmeal and cheese from nachos makes my blood pressure rise. My husband was doing them for me and still does when he can but he’s working 12 hour days now and it gets a bit rough.

The 13 year old is required to put all the clean dishes away because of my torn biceps tendon but I’m fairly certain I’m going to add loading to his list of chores. He’s old enough and I am broken. Schooling is breaking what little ability I had so I’ve been using paper plates for myself as much as possible.

I’m out, if it’s dishes or my brain, I choose my brain. Don’t tell the kid yet if you know him because I don’t want to deal with the drama today.