Every Person has Rights so Every Person Should be Taken into Consideration

There are so many people protesting the stay at home orders. Believe me, I want to get the fuck out of my house as much as the next person. I want my kids to go out and play with their friends.

I do not however, want to be subjected to a giant increase in contaminated people because they think opening everything up is more important than general safety and well being of other people.

The argument is the same as the people who don’t believe in vaccines. Yes you have a choice, but your choice should not impact my life or the safety of my life. I will have less opportunities to leave my home for groceries and medication if everyone is out and about spreading germs.

My kids don’t have the luxury of leaving for walks and the like because it takes risks to my safety. How is that fair? Why did we give up on flattening the curve to increase economic growth? Of course I want businesses to be supported but I also don’t want to be confined in my home longer than needed because everyone was antsy to get out and a second wave much worse than the first occurs.

So while you’re out and about please don’t go if you are sick. Wash your hands and sneeze and cough into your elbow crook because I’d like the chance to mother my children as long as possible. I will continue to disinfect everything that comes in to my home and not go out unless necessary.