Gender and Sexuality – Teens

This generation coming up will have a much easier time than even 20-30 years ago when they realize their gender or sexual preference doesn’t fit into the “typical” category. All of the medical and mental therapy available to people trying to be their best, true self. There’s so much information out there now, so much support.

I found this website which has an enormous amount of information, resources and providers and information about support groups. I remember when I was in high school I had a friend that I was mostly sure she liked girls but she didn’t come out until she was much older. I also know 2 years ago when I was waiting for my oldest to get out of middle school there was a group of a few girls screaming “trans” to someone walking down the sidewalk from the sidewalk.

So while being your true self may not be an easy journey, there is so much more support and information available. In my previous post I noted that gender identity is usually fixed by about 6 years, that does not include sexuality. This article states “Sexuality is a big concept that has a huge effect on our lives! It can be about our feelings, attraction, identity and gender identity, body image, gender expression, culture, rights, worldview, pleasure, flirting, making out and/or sex and relationships.”

Planned Parenthood has sections on their website for teens and parents that have resources to help the conversation in the family or even to just gain knowledge so you are there when they are ready to talk. I think in the time of so much fear of differences we need to be prepared and open to our communities so that we can help and support the future generation. If you don’t understand it, educate yourself instead of bullying.


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