The Unexpected Diagnosis

Being a person with a lot going on medically, I usually assume anything flaring or new is somehow related to my MS unless told otherwise.

About a year ago I started choking on food, liquid and saliva more frequently than before. Annoying, but not severe or frequently enough to go to ANOTHER doctor, so I put it off. When I asked the neurologist for a referral a couple of months ago for my choking they gave me info for an ENT.

Well, I already have one of those!!! Along, time ago (5 years maybe) I started seeing him. In 2016 I was diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea and was told I had a double diviated serum, my turbinates were too large and my sinus cavities were too small. That made sense because every time I got a cold everything inflamed to the point of needed steroids for the antibiotics to work because it always turned into a sinus infection. So, I had the surgery.

I was later tested for allergies and had apparently developed allergies to dogs in addition to all the other animals I knew about previously. We have 3 giant dogs, so when I’ve been congested I just assume it’s them, or from being outside.

I finally made an appointment with my ENT and turns out my sinuses are severely congested and the drainage is causing my throat to swell. He did a quick CT just to be sure and confirmed that I have had a sinus infection for many months and possibly the whole year. Turns out his surgery was so good that my face no longer throbbed when I get a sinus infection (not super helpful).

I am now on a course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection and hopefully reduce the swelling in my throat. If it does not than I get to go see one of my other specialists.