Sanity During Online School

I won’t lie, there is NO sanity in my house with 2 boys with different learning needs, 3 large dogs and a husband who is working from home.

There are constant levels of noise in the house, water, microwave, zoom chatter, laundry, dishwasher, dogs playing/whining/and barking depending on the time of the day. Tapping hands on the table while they’re supposed to be still and focused, humming of baby shark (f*ing hate that song) it’s no wonder my daily migraine has intensified.

We are only one quarter in to this mayhem of learning and it is crushing in its lack of peace. At least when my kids went to school and my husband was working I could lay in my dark office, take a nap or just use my oxygen when I needed to for my cluster headaches. If I go to my office for too long my 3rd grader runs away from his Zoom meeting.

I realize this will be our standard for much longer than I am comfortable with. With my physical health being in the balance for the reason for online learning, my mental health is suffering. When I have appointments I go early for the possibility of 20 minutes of quiet because it may be days or weeks before I get the chance again. I can’t be the only mom, or mom with chronic illness that is feeling the toll of our current situations.

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