Why EVERYONE Should Wear Masks

Here’s the thing, masks during COVID-19 and vaccinations for people all year are the same purpose. It protects EVERYONE from getting sick. There are those among our population that are a) too young to be vaccinated or wear a mask or b) have a suppressed immune system for numerous different reasons.

No one wants their baby to get measles or their child or parents/grandparents to get COVID. So yes, you may feel this interferes with your “freedom”, but if you don’t you may be impacting someone’s health significantly.

I am immune compromised, I wear a mask when I am out, social distance with everyone but my family I live with and use hand sanitizer regularly. We still need groceries, prescriptions, and I still have medical appointments so I don’t have the luxury of being a shut in for the entire year until this shit is figured out. Which a person had basically told me when having an online conversation about vaccines.

I understand that masks are uncomfortable and a hassle, I don’t care for them either, but I do like being alive, I am attached to my family and would prefer they don’t get sick either. It’s the same reason we get flu shots every year and maintain vaccines when required.

Don’t be a dick and risk other people’s live because you have a warped sense of personal freedom, especially when it may kill someone.

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