Disability Paperwork

There’s nothing quite like the self esteem blow you get from filling out disability paperwork. Why can’t you work, well let me list the very detailed, personal and depressing reasons my body and mind fail me and won’t allow me to be a productive member of society.

It’s personal information that is most often heartbreaking to me to list. I live with the issues every day but it is very different and mentally and emotionally hard to list it all out. In my case, numerous times for appeals and other forms they require.

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been having issues with my new meds, increased nerve pain and itching and body temp regulation issues. Turns out serotonin syndrome, though rare, apparently another lovely side effect of medication for me. Having to switch nerve medication to avoid sudden death has been a challenge. My finger joints have also been swollen and painful since September so dictation is my new friend.

So, I’ve been absent, with pain and the hard mental work of disability forms in the time of lockdown. It’s been a challenging year and I’m hoping the next one offers some hope and good news.