Acute Pancreatitis – I Didn’t See THAT Coming

Nearly 3 weeks from my last entry to the ER, I was back. This time I was unable to drive myself, severe blurry vision, pain at a 9.5, vomiting all this had me let my husband drive me. Sweet man stayed until after the CT scan, already knowing I was going to be there for at least the night.

Blood tests, CT, ultrasound and an MRI just for my bile ducts (I didn’t know that was a thing!) all pointed to a fairly significant infection and acute pancreatitis. The doctor said it seemed likely a wayward gallstone managed to get stuck in a duct somewhere causing the infection and inflammation but worked its way out.

I was admitted for 3 nights! Turned out you cannot eat or drink anything for at least 48 hours with acute pancreatitis so IV fluids and hospital admission is mandatory. I did have to answer several people on the fact that I drink occasionally and not multiple times a day because apparently that also causes acute and then chronic pancreatitis.

I went to the same hospital, they have my records and the fact I just had surgery there. I spent my recovery on the surgery floor again, though a different half so I didn’t see any of my nurses from my gallbladder stay. The doctor did spy with my neurologist though and said my blurry vision is most likely a result of the infection and inflammation causing a flare to that fun MS symptom.

So here I am, a month from my first ER visit of the year. Already a low fat diet recommended from gallbladder removal now so many more food options taken from me for 3-6 months AT LEAST until my pancreas has ample time to recover. No red meat, no fried foods (no French fries), no butter, no raw vegetables, no dairy so no cheese or ice cream. No caffeine or coffee or soda! No guacamole no peanut butter.

I got a turkey club from a restaurant last week, no cheese, no bacon, no lettuce, no tomato. Should be safe right it’s just turkey and the bun, nope. About halfway through I was very uncomfortable and realized they buttered the bun!

So now, I get chicken, plain toast (though apparently I can use jam), apple sauce, oatmeal and the like. Lots of water though I had done that before surgery. So thanks to my body it’s even more unlikely I’ll be able to return to keto unfortunately. Though I may try little by little in 6 months. All the research says MCT oils are ok because they aren’t processed with the help of the pancreas. Stupid organs!

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