When You Overwhelm an Intake Nurse

This post is going to be short but is dedicated to those with numerous health conditions and it seems like every time you have to list them off for someone you’re making a deal about it.

My health insurance called me to have me participate in a nurse led health advocate of sorts. Someone I can call with medical questions or if I need help with claims or getting an appointment or even helping multiple doctors talk to each other.

The poor intake nurse who had to get all of my information before getting a nurse assigned to me asked questions and seemed surprised when I had answers like “yes, I have been to the hospital and admitted twice since January 1st” and “In addition to my MS (and emergency gallbladder removal and following infection and acute pancreatitis) I have fibromyalgia and Ménière’s Disease.

Her response at first was amusing “oh, your medical conditions are overwhelming”… me , yes I know as I chuckled because at this point she didn’t even know about my migraines, numerous types of headaches and positional scoliosis. Then when we were concluding the call she said she knew I would get better and my medical conditions would get better. 😕 I was silent, probably awkwardly so, I told her to have a great day and hung up.

I laugh at my life because if I don’t I would cry, probably daily. I have so many medical issues and 3 have no cure, just medications and devices to try and help with the symptoms and side effects of the diseases. I know it probably makes people uncomfortable because they immediately are hit with the realization of it all and pity me but don’t know what to say so they tell me I’ll get better.

I’m sure I’m not the only person with a chronic illness that has more than one. So here’s to you that have numerous diagnosis and seemingly overwhelm other people and medical professionals.

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