Minor Temperature Changes

It still amazes me that the difference of 1-2 degrees in the air around me can make me feel terrible.

In Colorado it can snow one day in the spring and be 78 degrees the next. This means if I’m an not monitoring the weather and whether or not the heater or air conditioner is set I can have a really bad physical reaction very quickly.

Then of course it takes days to recover from the stress that put on my body, my legs don’t work even worse than usual. Muscle pain that last a week. My joints pop because my loose ligaments are affected by the muscles tightening to try to assist legs that wouldn’t work.

Today is the last day of a week where I had a few too many conversations. I went out to get my tire fixed. I didn’t do much. I can’t anymore. But the impact on my brain from trying to hold a conversation and the impact of 2 degrees too much in my house has me out for the count.

It’s unfair, it’s MS, it’s fibromyalgia and it’s my unfortunate normal. I have to try and remember to check the weather and thermostat every day. The price when I forget it a high on for my body.

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