Talking about Adaptive Equipment

Over Memorial Day weekend I crushed the tip of m left middle finger. In spectacular fashion actually, the entire tip of the first bone looked like a starburst. Take away from that is, don’t try to remove a 50 pound umbrella stand from the box by trying to slide it out towards you even though you can’t lift it to do it the right way. Let the people with muscles do the literal heavy lifting.

Months of PT later and I have graduated to not having to go anymore. However, we learned there are a lot of things I can’t actually do because of my arthritis or my MS as far as griping and fine motor skills. I am excited to share the tools I have tried and love with you (know that these are affiliate links which I am just test driving right now).

First is this Robotwist jar opener.

You just out it on top of the jar you have a hard time holding and press the freaking button. It does all of the work. So if you are multitasking, go ahead and pour the chips on a plate while you wait for that queso to open magically! The plus is not only is this the actual one (there are several that look the same), it’s the highest rated and it is less than the others!

So I have a hard time with locks, keys, picking up little things, not dropping basically everything. My PT told me about these little finger grippers.

They are cute, come in multiple sizes, airy so you don’t get finger sweats and I didn’t even realize holding my phone was as hard as it was until I tried with these on. Obviously I am not going to wear them all day every day, but for unlocking my house, I keep a couple in my purse and pop them on real quick on the fingers I use. They help hold things down, say a vegetable while chopping or paper while writing. I didn’t realize how much effort everything was taking until I found these things.