MS Recommended Websites

Please note I do not get paid for these recommendations. These are my personal suggestions.

I love information, I love medicine and I love science. When I was first diagnosed that is all I read was science-based journals, websites and blogs. I completely missed out on finding other people like me that made me feel “normal” though because I wasn’t in that space in my head.

If you are on social media, Facebook is a good one to join one or multiple groups. They are closed so your friends don’t see what you’re posting so you can be as insecure as you want or ask any type of embarrassing questions and only people in the group will know. I belong to 3, 2 regular ones and one for ladies only. I am sure they have a men only one if that’s more your wheelhouse. 😉 – This page doesn’t appear to be updated anymore and I am not sure if it is just a lack of funding or what. The blogs and old podcasts are worth going through if you like listening to doctors who research this stuff for a living.


UK Sites, I am in the U.S. but there is different information available on sites based in Europe.