PSA for Pelvic Floor Issues

Turns out attempting to make a podcast is very challenging on my brain and will actually take a bit longer than I expected. So today, as a PSA to all the ladies; there are people who legit specialize in pelvic floor issues.

I know have THREE, pelvic floor physical therapy (the most intimate pt relationship you’ll probably ever have). A urogyenocologist who is a doctor you specializes in urology for WOMEN. Finally, a gynecologist who specializes in pelvic pain. I didn’t even know that was a thing since I assumed the last one was basically a specialist in all things “lady” related.

My regular urologist has been replaced now by a woman who specializes in women’s bladders because I will do whatever I can to keep from having to cath as long as possible. I know, it’s stupid but like my walker I am stubborn and refuse to move to a step in my disease that I already know is progressing by taking on something I’m not emotionally ready for.

Turns out too your, uh, pelvic floor is made out of a bunch of different muscles and if you’re prone to “high tone” in other places (like for example my entire back is a large know and I have constant Charlie horses in my calves) then those muscles can also get knots and cramp.

Why isn’t this a thing we ever learn about in school or at physicals? I had no idea this stuff was a thing until my therapist (my head therapist) told me. What in the actual fuck. If I hadn’t brought up my fear of self cathing I would have never even known. Come on people.