What Restrictions Lifted Looks Like for Me

For most people, the lifting of stay at home orders mean they can visit with people, go out and do things and eat at restaurants. For me, it means I can reschedule all of the appointments that I had to cancel before everything shut down.

Now, I see my neurologist in person, see the spine specialist, have blood drawn, see my physical therapist, my general practitioner and the dermatologist. Using my cane or Oak’s balance harness, sporting my mask which makes wearing my heating aid and glasses complicated. No hearing aid with masks on people’s faces means it is that more difficult for me to understand a conversation.

I still have groceries delivered or pick up via them loading in my car as I did before COVID-19 and during because I can’t walk around a grocery store without significant consequences to my mind and body.

I still can’t take my kids to the park because it’s too hot outside now. We can’t go to the pool because they are still closed. Since The virus is still out there our family has to be more cautious and not get too excited; knowing that all the protests and reopening will likely increase the spread of the virus as so many people were desperate to leave their homes.

So while you’re out and doing all the fun things, please keep in mind there are numerous amounts of people who would love to be out too, but because of their health, they cannot. Enjoy the moments while you can.