7.5 Weeks on Keto

You probably think it’s weird I am doing another update already, or perhaps you’ve been wondering.

I am not going to lie, I have had a few treat days in the over seven weeks but since this is a lifestyle change and not a diet it is absolutely, 100 percent okay. I will never make it through the upcoming holidays if I do not allow myself a little treat sometimes, the trick is to only have it once and then back on track. I monitored my ketones after these days and it takes about three days for my body to get back to producing ketone levels that are detectable using the urine test strips.

I am up to over 18 inches lost and about 18 pounds lost. If you read my previous post though you know this is about my brain and not my weight, though I am happy to have this side effect of this change. So, have I noticed any changes in my brain/body in regards to my MS symptoms and my change in eating habits. Unfortunately, not yet, though these things take time so I am going to keep moving forward hoping the long run results will help the MS.

Now, for my blood!! I had to see the doctor so I had her pull blood that I get done annually just to see if there is a change. There was. My cholesterol level over all is the same, though the triglycerides were so high last time they couldn’t actually get a number for the LDL. My triglycerides have gone almost 100 points, my A1C level went from 6.3 to 5.7 (pre-diabetic to your little high keep up the diet changes).

The thing that was the biggest difference in my body was my hormone levels. Last year, and the year before all of my hormone levels were at “post-menopausal” levels thanks to my PCOS. Now, my levels have normalized to those of an average 30-something year old. That’s a huge difference, I am not planning on having any more kids but if I was this would be an awesome start.

Now that my hormones are returning there’s three possible outcomes for my alopecia.

  1. My hair grows back (this would be AMAZING), however less likely.
  2. Nothing changes
  3. I lose more hair, this is a possibility because the hormone levels being wacky is what caused it in the first place.

With the science showing me that there is a difference happening on the inside of my body and the outside of my body fitting into cute clothes I forgot I had I am confident moving forward the way I am.


Motherhood, Multiple Sclerosis and Isolation

Isolation is an unpleasant feeling and I think perhaps a bit shameful. At least I feel shamed when I’m feeling isolated.

I have friends, I have a solid group of mom friends in addition to non-mom friends. So why do I feel isolated when my husband works late almost every night during his first week at his new job? In part he’s late because he’s getting to know co-workers so he has to stay to finish work. I’m not angry at him for it, I’m actually happy for him. Finding people to connect with in a new environment is hard, it gets harder with age.

Perhaps I’m a bit frustrated at handling everything at home and dealing with sibling fights, homework, dinners, Cub scouts and all the other shit that I normally have a partner for so I’m not out numbered. So I feel bad and a bit ashamed of myself for getting upset that I’m here, parenting alone with no energy.

More likely it’s because this week as been rougher than I’d hoped. Taking a week off of things to recoup from being in a social setting for 10 hours hasn’t been as relaxing and restorative as I planned.

I feel terrible, my body aches, I’ve had a headache on the verge of migraine for 5 days now. I had a cookie that I feel bad about eating because I was doing really good with keto. Arguments about bed times and video games are never ending.

No one wants to hear how super shitty I feel this week so I sit with it, hold it in like a secret. I don’t want pity, nor do I want someone to say the things they think they should because I answer honestly when they ask how I am.

So I isolate myself more so I’m not a burden to others. I don’t have to be another thing for someone else to worry about. I’ve got this, I may not be doing well but eventually it will balance out, it usually does.

The Negative Impacts of Keto

In my research, I do research especially for changes I plan on making or medications I will be taking, I look for the weird and less likely things that may happen. I look for these less common side effects because I am usually the weird person who gets them, it’s happened to me on several medications where the things that happened were “rare” side effects.

So before thinking about trying Keto for my brain and body and multiple health issues I wanted to find out what weird and wonky things may happen if I did.

“Keto Flu” this is the most common thing to happen to a person who changes their eating habits to a low carb, high fat diet. The severity depends on how much of the processed foods, simple carbs and simple sugar you were consuming in before changing. Awesome, this one will definitely suck because I love soda, ice cream, potatoes and bread… sigh.

It’s called the flu because that is what it feels like, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, stomach pain, brain fog, muscle soreness, confusion and trouble sleeping. Hmmm, maybe it won’t be so bad because I have all of these things most days already. This happens to your body when you stop giving it easy to burn simple carbs and sugar, because now it has to work so much harder. Symptoms usually start the first or second day and can last up to a month.

From this article it states “As soon as insulin levels drop, sodium is released from the body, taking water along with it. This can cause up to 10 pounds of water weight to be lost during the first 5 days of the ketogenic diet.” It is important to remember to take in salt while on this diet so you don’t get dizzy and pass out (trust me on this one because I did a regular low carb diet in 2014 and blacked out at a movie theater and fell down a bunch of stairs).

“Keto Rash” itching and rash, when it happens it is symmetrical. It is caused by the reduction of carbohydrates and is caused by ketones in the sweat. The easiest and fastest way to resolve this is by bumpong your carb intake up to 50mg (supposedly you still have benefit, perhaps just a touch slower). The other suggestions include comfortable clothing and shower after you are done sweating since the theory is that being on such low carbs causes ketone body acetone in the sweat.

“Keto Breath” can happen during the keto flu or really any time. It is not just from being in ketosis, any low carb diet can cause this. Not everyone will get this, I have noticed dry mouth more than anything and I am drinking more than 120 ounces of water a day so I keep sugar free gum in my purse.

When you increase your protein intake it creates more ammonia to be excreted from your body, this can also cause changes to your breath.  Solutions can be drinking more water, change the balance of your protein intake and adjust the amount of carbs you consume.

“Hair Loss” this one is rough for me since I already have alopecia, but apparently after being on keto for a couple of months you can experience more hair loss than usual. This will happen in the people who lose a significant amount of weight and will grow back once your body adapts to the new way of eating. Check out this link for some good science information because she has done all the research and I really like the information on her blog.






The solution to keto breath – an annoying low carb side effect