What’s to come?

Typing is getting more challenging as I lose more feeling in my fingertips every day it seems. I use voice to text and rely on all the AI assistance I can get my hands on (pun intended).

So what’s going to come since blogging doesn’t appear to be something I will able to do as much since believe it or not… voice to text apps aren’t that accurate, especially when you have word finding issues.

With my 6th concussion came with one of my 15 fainting episodes since June 1st, my husband suggested turning my blog into a podcast. So, “ready or not, here I am… I’m going to find you”… no? Fugees reference. Ugh I’m so disappointed in those who didn’t get it. 😉

The podcast will be me basically having a conversation with you, but you can’t talk back. I’ve also got some really exciting ideas for interviews from parenting to medical professionals. I’m super stoked. It’ll take a while since I now get my naps back properly but hopefully not too long.

Keep. Look out for “My Life is a Sh$t Show & My Body is an A**hole”. If you read the blog you already know why but the first episode will definitely have a proper explanation. I already have email and Instagram set up for mylifeisashitshow so follow on Instagram and you will get updates!