Remote Learning With a Rattled Brain and Kids in Different School Levels

If you’re new, welcome, my comment about my rattled brain has everything to do with my cognitive difficulties due to my MS and made worse by sleep apnea (something about your brain needing oxygen 😉  )

I have an 8th grader and a 2nd grader. This makes remote learning very challenging for me, well for everyone I am sure but I am always worried that I missing something, put something in the wrong folder and basically just doing everything wrong in general.

The second grader’s first week work load was easy peasy. Read for 20 minutes a day, do math for 20 minutes a day and write about the math games and do a gratitude scavenger hunt. Since I actually had him do the math games they recommended and then Prodigy in addition he was doing nearly an hour of math each day. He also read more than 40 minutes each day and we read about amazing women in history and science each day so I let him have a 4 day week.

The eighth grader had more work for each class, and the way it is set up is not really very organized at the moment. Which meant a lot of logging into each class, finding the folder and looking at the different assignments and what was required for them. This caused me a ton of anxiety. I ended up just putting notebook paper in a binder and separated my two kids via tabs. Once that was done, as I looked through each thing I wrote the subject, which assignments were required and we marked them off as they were turned in. I still had to keep checking because they advised they may add things during the week.

I think everyone would benefit from a task list in one place for all the assignments. Perhaps in Google Classroom, each teacher can just add to a list and the student could mark it off as they complete the work?

I don’t know, what I do know is my brain is no longer equipped for any of this and that is why I had to stop working. It’s confusing and my oldest has to keep telling me what I am doing wrong or seeing wrong and I really just want to eat ice cream and day drink now but knowing that will only make it harder for me I resist the urge.

Any other moms out there having a hard time? Any parents with chronic illness feel as useless as me?