18 Months Post Sleeve Surgery

What does 18 month post op VSG look like for me? I am not at my goals. Once I started fainting after the initial chunk of weight loss (nearly 50 pounds) I had to go on two meds for my syncope. Each of these meds had the side effect of weight gain (fun!) and water retention.

My “tool” as they call the new size of my stomach pouch is still what I like to call my “tiny tummy”. I get full quickly thankfully but I am not hitting my protein goals. So here I am, 18 months plus post op looking at starting over from protein shake stage so I can “reset”. I have had a tumor removed from my leg and my uterus and ovaries removed within the last year in addition to an amazing surfing trip with MS patients.

While working on my medical health I have also been working on my mental health. I am medicated and treated for my PTSD now, and now that it’s under control this secret ADHD has come to the surface. Though apparently it’s really only a secret to me, my therapist said she knew but I had more issues to deal with and it wasn’t causing an issue at the time. Now it is! It’s like I have bees in my brain, it’s nuts.

So there’s the update, not the one I wish I could write about meeting my goals and feeling great but hopefully next year will be different!